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Top 10 Best Free Messaging Apps For iOS & MAC

Social media has created a lot of noise in the web world for getting easy connections with people. You can connect with people whom you haven’t contacted in a long time. The social media includes different messaging apps via email or phone number that makes the users stay connected with other people. People are using these apps on daily basis to connect with their friends and family. There are all set of different apps available for different OS and that sometimes complicates the use of such apps. Below list provides best free messaging apps which are compatible with iOS and MAC. If you are an android user then you can use these best android messaging apps.

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Top 10 Best Free Messaging Apps for iOS and MAC

iPhone devices have iMessage as their default messaging app. If you want to use some other free messaging apps for a change then this list will provide you with best free iMessage Alternative Apps.

  1. WhatsApp

    WhatsAppThis is the one of the best free messaging apps that became quite famous for its ease of use. The app provides text messaging and sharing of documents, pictures, videos, audios with other users who are already using this platform for messaging. The app works on nominal data packs, it is usually supported via 2G data pack also. This application makes it possible to stay connected with other people via phone number. It has plethora of awesome features that makes it possible to use this app on daily basis.

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  2. Facebook Messenger

    MessengerFacebook messenger is an extended version of Facebook. The people can connect through Facebook and they can stay updated about their friends’ life via this platform. But the social media network was not having an option of instant messaging. Thus, the website came up with Facebook messenger which helps the user to text each other instantly on daily basis. Moreover, it allows the users to share pictures, videos and audios regularly through this app. The different types of emoji make the chatting more creative and that has enhanced the use of the application. The main advantage of this app is you do not need to share your number with other users to use Facebook Messenger. Only being friend on Facebook is enough for chatting via this app.

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  3. imo

    imoThis app is popular video calls and chat app for iOS users which allows you to easily start message to your friends and family. The users can chat individually or by creating groups and starting a conversation. The app also provides texting, audio, video facilities along with creative emoji to enhance the conversations on the app. This app is very useful and advance in terms of flexibility and ease of chatting.

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  4. Snapchat

    SnapchatThis app is a different kind of app which along with chatting via texting also provides an option of sharing a snap of the work performed by the user. The user can always talk via snaps and the snaps would be automatically deleted with time so as to save your memory. The app also provides a lot of GIF and emoji to make your conversations creative. The option of sharing a story makes the user upload any thought via video or different type of pictures.

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  5. Viber

    Viber MessengerThis app helps the user to make free video calls with other users instead of texting. This app provides an option of chatting via texting and emoji or stickers. It also provides free video calling with the help of data pack which makes the use of the app easy. The data pack calling makes the use of internet but to some extent it can work at low internet coverage also.

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  6. Twitter

    TwitterTwitter is one of the most used social media platform. It is widely used by the lots of people and celebrities to express their views all around the globe. But the app could be used for messaging privately also. The twitter helps the user to send pictures along with videos and audios to the people via private messaging. The app is widely used for messaging by many people.

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  7. Skype

    SkypeIt is the oldest of its kind that started the trend of video calling. This app is very widely used for video calling at the expense of data pack so users can make free video calls using this app as it provides easy connectivity for video calls. The app has also come up with many different features including texting and sharing pictures which has further increased the popularity of the app.

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  8. Kik

    KikKik is another great free messaging app for iPhone and MAC devices. For using Kik you just have to create a username. You do not need to share your personal phone number or other details. The app is popular due to its ease of connectivity. This texting app is well supported by many stickers and emoji to enhance the use of creativity for texting.

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  9. Telegram

    TelegramTelegram is one of the best free messaging apps that is very similar to WhatsApp. It provides the same type of features for texting and sharing of pictures, audios, videos, documents in different formats. The app makes it possible to make video and voice calls to any person using this platform. Telegram app also provides about 200 members group for daily group chatting and broadcasting for 100 contacts. The app has gained its popularity by providing end-to-end encryption to the chats and private calls which helps to maintain the privacy of the user. Thus, the app is very useful if you are tired of same old apps and looking for some change in terms of creativity.

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  10. Nimbuzz

    NimbuzzNimbuzz has started to gain its popularity with the help of providing features such as texting, video and voice calling. The app is free to download and use which makes it easy for the users to access the app. It allows you to use different kinds of emoji to make your conversations funny and creative. One can get connected to the app just by using their phone number. The app has become popular for instant messaging anywhere at any time.

Thus, the above stated list of best free messaging apps showcases many new and old apps that serves as good communication platforms for people who want to stay in touch but without having to take out time for actually meeting that person. These apps have gained their popularity through different set of features that may or may not be available with other apps. These apps make it easy to stay connected with your friends and family with easy communication.

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