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Top 10 Best Free Offline Music Apps Without WiFi To Listen Music Offline

Google Play Store contains a list of very good Android Apps that are able to download Music. Apart from Google Play Store Apps, there are many other apps available which can be downloaded in APK format from other online websites which are easily supported on many phones and tablets. As downloading the APK files from unknown sources makes it complicated and illegal, it is always recommended to download those apps which are available in Google Play store. We have listed Top 10 Best Free Offline Music Apps Without WiFi for Android & iOS to listen music offline without internet. Below list shows some of the music apps that don’t need WiFi and provide free offline music for Android.

Offline Music Apps

Top 10 Best Free Offline Music Apps Without WiFi

  1. Google Play Music

    Google Play MusicWe are going to start our list of free offline music apps with Google Play Music. Google Play Music is the most popular app easily supported and recommended by Android. This app makes it easier to play and share music with other phones. The songs downloaded from different websites could be easily played on this app. Moreover, they could be played offline after downloading and also they could be kept in a form of proper playlist according to the bifurcation needed by you. The app allows about 50,000 songs storing capacity that helps the user to play the songs anywhere without any fear of losing their collection as the songs are already synced with respective Google accounts.

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  2. Spotify Music

    SpotifyThis app is the most popular offline music app for smartphones to listen music offline. Spotify provides a good access to the collection of songs anywhere in the world. The creating playlist option helps to modify the choice according to the artists and albums. The shuffle mode in the app helps to play any song on the playlist without getting bored of the same sequence of songs. The basic features are covered in free version but in its premium version songs could be played on any device such as iPhone or windows. The app does not interrupt by frequent ads which give a pleasant feeling of the music.

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  3. Sound Cloud

    SoundCloudIn order to stay updated with the day to day music releases it is important to check for updates daily and so Sound Cloud is used to listen to latest unblocked music and audio for free. The trending music could be easily explored and search option provides direct searching of the songs on the app. The favorite songs could be easily shared with friends and also made favorites for quick listening. The favorite tracks could be downloaded and also could be listened at leisure. This app helps to download music and play them along with different options such as pause, skip etc. It is the best app that could play music according to your mood.

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  4. Free Mp3 Downloads

    Free Mp3 DownloadsMany music apps allow download option for favorite songs download but those songs could be played only in the same app and that would lead to increase in phone space. This app provides an option for downloading songs in the SD card also, thus, the songs could be downloaded and played in the app and other music player also. The app has special features such as it provides an option ‘free to use’ that allows the user to download the licensed songs. Only these songs could be downloaded.

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  5. Download Mp3 Music

    Download Mp3 MusicThis app has the largest collection of the best high-quality mp3 tracks. This app provides searching option according to different things such as albums, genres, moods, instruments, tracks, artists etc. The genres also provide options such as Dub step, Guitar, violin etc. This app also provides good downloading speed that makes downloading the songs easy and thus, you can download and listen the desired songs easily.

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  6. 4 Shared

    4shared4 Shared is another good app in our list of offline music apps without WiFi. It is an app that provides easy songs downloading option to enjoy the songs later in your music player. You can download 4 Shared App from play store and search for your desired songs in the App. Its search option provides the best experience as you can get results just by typing the desired song. Also, different genres are available so you can search and download songs from various genres. Thus, this app provides the best experience for songs.

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  7. Wynk Music

    Wynk MusicThis Wynk Music app has a collection of about 2.6 million songs. The app is famous for Free Indian and International songs. It covers a wide range of genres such as Party, old, romantic, pop, rock, regional, emotional, devotional etc. songs. This app has a built-in music player and provides downloading options for different kinds of songs. The online buffering of the songs is lower and also the audio quality is good. The wide range of collection makes the availability of favorite songs easy. Wynk Music is one of the most popular and best apps to listen to music offline iPhone and android.

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  8. Gaana

    GaanaGaana is another useful app in our list of free music apps without WiFi for android and iPhone. It provides about 10 million songs collection which makes it easy to find favorite songs in the app. Moreover, the app provides different list such as top 50 songs, top 50 romantic songs and also the bifurcation is carried out according to the singer’s choice. Thus, it makes the app useful. The app also provides a downloading option which allows the app to play the downloaded songs in the app itself. The app also provides playing radio option.

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  9. Napster Music

    NapsterNapster Music is another app to listen to music without WiFi or data. This app provides about +30 million songs in the collection. The app provides free downloading of the songs for a free period of 30 days as a trial. In the app, the trial provides unlimited songs downloading but after 30 days the trial expired and you need to subscribe to premium plan. Thus, you can download free songs and play them for a limited period of time.

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  10. Mp3 music download

    Mp3 music downloadThe Music app opens up CC-licensed free mp3 music which is free to download. Free music of some specific unknown artist could be downloaded under this Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 or public domain. Searching for songs in the app is free and also the songs could be downloaded and played at any time. So it is a good addition to our collection of free offline music apps without WiFi. It is one of the best apps to listen to music offline android and iPhone.

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Thus, the above-stated list of free offline music apps covers almost all types of music player apps. These apps are supported by Android and which helps to download the music for free to play them at leisure. Moreover, the apps are useful as the downloaded songs could be played whenever there is no WiFi connectivity possible while traveling or due to any other reason. So this is a very helpful list for the people who need music apps that don’t need WiFi and allow you listen songs offline.

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