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Top 10 Best Free VPN For Android | Android VPN Apps

A virtual private network ensures a secured network between two or more connections without interference of any kind. It is important to know what a VPN does in order to protect network connections. A VPN provides a safe and secure network by restricting our activity when connected to a public WiFi. It also hides our browsing history and activities when connected to an open WiFi. This is mainly done to prevent unnecessary exchange of information. There are a lot of Android VPN Apps that help us to maintain a safe and secure network in android smartphones. Some of these apps are very reliable while some are less reliable as compared to others. So let’s head over the list of top 10 android vpn apps.

Android VPN Apps

Top 10 Best Free VPN For Android | Android VPN Apps

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you’re online has become important these days as the internet is a public space with multiple interconnections. The biggest hurdle in using a VPN on a mobile device is maintaining a connection and this is why we’ve brought to you Top 10 Android VPN Apps. If a certain app is not available in your region or a YouTube video is not available for your country, you can use VPN to overcome these restrictions using a virtual location.

  1. Express VPN

    ExpressVPNExpress VPN is one of the best free vpn for android smartphones. It takes special care towards protecting the privacy of users through very strong encryption. Users are able to access almost anything and everything without the risk of their network getting hacked or tracked anyway. This also provides unlimited bandwidth connection enhancing its speed. You can use this app to access blocked movie websites or other blocked sites.

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  2. F-secure Freedome VPN

    F-secure Freedome VPNThis VPN easily helps in tracking and detecting harmful files and protects your android smartphone from viruses. This provides additional security when you are connected to an open WiFi networks showing warnings whenever required. The user is always protected from unwanted files, trackers and hackers. This is a very famous VPN among users as it aims to provide 100% security. Under this, hackers are prevented from stealing personal information while advertisers are not allowed to track you. Thus, while surfing the net, you are always safe and secured.

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  3. Better Net Free VPN

    Better Net Free VPNBetter Net Free VPN is also available as premium version. It maintains average speed and ensures utmost privacy of the users. It pops up few advertisements and videos at times but these are completely safe and will cause no harm to the users. However, reviews state that the free version of this VPN is comparatively faster than the premium version which is considered to be a little slow by the users.

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  4. Finch Free VPN

    Finch Free VPNThis is more useful for regional data. This is available in both free and premium versions. Both of them are equally rated among the users in terms of speed and maintenance of privacy. The users are protected through a very strong encryption. They are often barred from accessing the harmful infected files, saving the network in turn. Its speed is also another favorite feature among the users which allows them to access files within seconds.

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  5. Open VPN Connect

    Open VPNThis requires a little technical knowledge for using. Unlike other VPNs, the users can import files and engage themselves in a number of activities without the fear of their network getting hacked. This creates a proxy IP address for the network that is being used by the user without exposing the original IP address of the network. The user’s network is thus completely saved from being hacked. This provides encryption to both data and control channels. Thus, this is regarded as one of the strongest and safest VPN.

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  6. Opera browser with free VPN

    Opera free VPNThis is the most hassle-free VPN. The user just needs to connect and avail the services absolutely free of cost. It also has a lot of engaging and interesting features for the users. The ad blocker is another additional feature that is helpful for the users to stay away from unwanted advertisements. It also contains a feature that shows the WiFi security levels so that the users can choose whether to connect or not. By showing the security levels, it tries to warn the users about the security of the networks.

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  7. Speed VPN

    SpeedVPNThis is another highly rated VPN among the users. This helps in unblocking restricted sites which the users may find necessary. It plays an active role in protecting the privacy of the networks and prevents the tracking of networks. This also maintains a very high speed attracting a large number of users. The unblocking of restricted pages and using the VPN without any prior registration makes it a very common VPN among the users. Moreover, using this is quite hassle-free because it does not require any prior settings and it is absolutely free of cost. There is another striking feature about this VPN. One can extend the time of using it for 60 minutes each time the time limit is about to be over.

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  8. Surf Easy VPN

    SurfEasyThis is from the same company that provides opera and free VPN services. It contains a number of features that attract and engage the users. Surf Easy VPN is available in more than 40 countries and in a variety of languages. It is supported by a number of servers and is pretty well known for its speed and features. The free version provides up to 500 MB of data which is a very desirable feature among the users. The premium version also includes torrent features.

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  9. VPN Robot

    VPN RobotVPN Robot provides almost all the features that a user would look for in a VPN. This app does not require any registration. Users can use it without any login and hence it can be considered to be quite hassle free. Though there are a few advertisements, the user does not need to make any in app purchases and thus this app is completely free.

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  10. VPN Master

    VPN MasterThis is completely a new app in the era of several other Android VPN Apps. This is a little underrated among the users because it provides fewer features to its users. Its working however is very simple. Just as one connects to the server the IP address is hidden which protects the user’s network from being hacked or exposed. The free version is a trial version that enables the users to check the features while the premium version is also quite reasonable.

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The above listed VPN apps are rated according to customer reviews. These are the few most commonly used Android VPN apps. It is also suggestible to the new users to use these as they are the most trusted ones. There are several other VPN apps too but their service and features in comparison to these are a little low.

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