Collect one-time donations securely and easily. Allow donors to save credit card info for future donations.
Allow your supporters to create recurring monthly donations.
P2P Fundraising
Raise more by letting your supporters run Peer 2 Peer fundraising campaigns for you.

Use a Block, or Roll Your Own

Customizable Blocks mean you don't have to write any code. Just drop a Block into your site and start collecting donations and subscriptions today!

Customize Your Own Payment Block Or check out the Groundwork.js Docs

Real-time Reporting

Our real-time data pipeline allows you to watch your donations roll in. Understand which supporters are donating most often, which campaigns are most effective, and what actions trigger the most donations.

Integrate Donor Data With 3rd Party Software

Learn more about your donors and keep them engaged. Automatically sync data from The Groundwork with other services like Salesforce and Mailchimp.

Customer Story

Helping to Fund The Resistance

"Opposed to the direction the U.S. is currently moving, a group of volunteers came together and created Resistbot. Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress, providing an easy way to let your officials know you're holding them accountable.

Running a high-profile SMS resistance platform costs money, and since Resistbot is free to use it relies on donations from its users. With The Groundwork, Resistbot is able to send custom donate links to every supporter, making the donation process quick and painless.

Start collecting donations.

Raise money on your website today. Collect one-time donations and monthly subscriptions with The Groundwork.

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