Create campaigns that represent your organization’s specific fundraising efforts.


Let supporters create fundraisers to solicit donations on behalf of your campaigns.


See every donation that comes in, organized by campaign and fundraiser.

Develop Custom Fundraising Experiences

Tap into our flexible and well-documented API to build custom peer-to-peer fundraising experiences. Create unique experiences where supporters can become raisers and track their progress.

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Watch Your Fundraisers Grow

The Groundwork Admin tool features an easy-to-use interface for watching and managing your fundraising efforts. Create campaigns, manage your supporters’ fundraisers, track goals, and see every individual donation that comes in.

Start Raising Quickly with Built-In Integrations

The Groundwork partners with Stripe to handle payment processing. Integrating with Stripe is quick and easy through our Admin tool, so you can go from signing up to fundraising in a matter of minutes.

Customer Story

Progressing Tech with Progressive Tech

The Progressive Technology Initiative’s mission is to modernize progressive movements with powerful and effective technology.

With so many people interested in investing in progressive technology today, PTI wanted to provide an easy way for their supporters to reach out to their social networks and help collect donations.

Using The Groundwork, PTI created a custom peer-to-peer fundraising experience that allows a supporter to start collecting donations in one short step.

Start Fundraising

Create a campaign, let your supporters become raisers, watch donations come in — start fundraising with The Groundwork.

The Groundwork is free to try in a development environment. Plans start at just $20 per month.