Gather supporter information using various prebuilt or custom forms.


Sort your supporters based on how they were created, and learn which channels are most effective.


Interact with your community by sending follow up emails to survey respondants, convert one-time donors to subscribers, and more.

Use a Block, or Roll Your Own

Customizable Blocks mean you don't have to write any code. Just drop a Block into your site and start collecting supporter data today!

Customize Your Own Supporter Block Or check out the Groundwork.js Docs

Dig Deep with Supporter Profiles

Learn more about every supporter, donor, and event attendee. See who is giving most regularly and who is engaging with your organization most often.

Sync Supporter Data with Your Favorite Services

Automatically send information about your Supporters, Donors and Event Attendees with 3rd party services like Mailchimp and Salesforce.

Customer Story

Collecting Supporters on a Presidential Scale

The same supporter management platform used for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is now available for every progressive organization.

The Groundwork platform was built for presidential scale, meaning it handled 36 million supporter signups with 99.999% uptime. Rest easy knowing that your supporters will be able to connect with your organization where ever and whenever is most convenient for them.

Get Started

Collect supporter data, and interact with them more easily than ever before – start collecting supporters on your website in minutes.

The Groundwork is free to try in a development environment. Plans start at just $20 per month.