Other platforms limit your features based on what you can afford. With The Groundwork, you’ll get immediate access to the full platform for $20 per month.

After that, you pay based on how active your community is. The first 200 supporter actions each month are included in the platform fee; additional actions cost just 10¢ each. And, the more you engage, the lower the cost per action becomes.


monthly access
 to full platform

Includes first 200 supporter actions each month.

per each additional
 supporter action

…or less for for high action counts.

Monthly Cost Estimator

Calculate your monthly cost by estimating the number of supporter actions you’d collect.

Supporter Actions include:

  • signing up
  • donating
  • saving a credit card
  • creating a profile
  • RSVP'ing to an event
  • buying a ticket
  • creating a fundraiser

Projected Supporter Actions per Month

0 – 200 supporter actions per month is typical for a small nonprofit in its first year. $20 /mo.

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Support Plans

A basic support plan is included for all Groundwork customers. Support upgrades are available for organizations that need an extra hand.


Access to our support team via email with a guaranteed response within 48 hours.



24x7 access to our support team via email and phone with a guaranteed response within 2 hours.



Receive premium support plus a team of dedicated engineers to help you bring your unique vision to life.

custom pricing

Contact us to learn more about our premium and custom support plans.

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