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Top 10 Best Free Sites To Read Free Books Online

Reading hobby could be very addictive as it would make the people want to read as many books as possible. But getting hard copies of your favorite books every time is not possible. Thus, these days eBooks have gained so much popularity because of the ease of their availability. You can read them whenever and wherever you want. Again downloading eBooks could be a problem as many sites do not allow easy access to the eBooks. At such times, eBooks could be easily available to read online. Internet is used continuously by people for many different purposes, thus reading eBooks online could be another reason for using the internet. Thus, below mentioned list would help the readers to get their favorite eBooks online and read free books online.

If you are looking for sites where you can read free books online then we have you covered. Nowadays eBooks are replacing paperback books and reading books online is getting popular day by day. Though some people still prefer to read the printed versions of the books but it is good to know some sites where you can just go and read books online for free.

Site To Read Free Books Online

Top 10 Sites to Read Free Books Online

  1. Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg is the oldest and first approach to read free books online in the form of eBooks. This offers about 45000 books from public domain to be used for reading. It has many sections for books title and provides all possible classic books to read. Reading an eBook through this website is very simple as you just need to search for the book and select the option of read this eBook online which would open the html file of the eBook. Html file helps the reader to view the original format of the book and thus it helps the user to read the book in its original form. . The website also provides options of navigation from one page to other, hyperlinking, bookmarking etc. Thus this free website is very useful for reading free eBooks online.

  2. Internet Archive

    Internet Archive is a website specially founded for reading books, images, videos and other audio files. The website contains about 6 million books which are accessible via public domain. It provides easy option of searching a book just by entering its title. The search option provides text files for reading. The list of books or searched category could be sorted by rating, popularity, relevance etc. It also provides searching any word in the eBook itself. Thus, this site is very useful for all book lovers who are in search of new books every day.

  3. Open Library

    Open Library is another version of Internet Archive which focuses more on creating library books. The site has about 6 million authors and around 20 million books. The search option searches for the book from about 2 million titles. Thus, the vast collection of the books and searching facility through their titles makes it easy for the people using the site. Moreover, after searching for the book the reader gets to know whether is book is available for reading or not via the read option displayed at the end of the book. Also the MOBI and PDF option makes the downloading of the book possible and also makes the reading possible at leisure.

  4. Google Books

    Huge collection of the books is available on Google which could be used via a single Google Books site. This site gets it collection by scanning the pages of the books. The search option on the site helps the user to search for the book by its title which makes the searching easy. The full view option in the search criteria helps to find the books which are available for full reading only. The limit of book that can be read for free is fixed by the author itself. So the people can read the book till that limit only. Thus, the availability of any book depends upon the author’s wish only.

  5. Smash Words

    This website is developed by individual authors and publishers who share their eBooks on Smash Words and thus makes it available for other eBook offering websites. The website that shows the book of the author from Smash Word would mean that the original copy of the book would be available on Smash Words. The author of Smash Words has the right to share the book on other websites and also they can fix the viewing limit of their books before sharing. Moreover, the books on Smash Words are available for free to read.

  6. Blurb

    Blurb not only provides books for reading but it also provides books for visual imagination. The books available on the website are more focused in the design as compared to reading. The search option on the page helps the user to search for a new eBook and the preview book option makes the book available for reading. The book may take some time to load but it gives guaranteed visual interpretation of the book. Thus, this book could be the best way to enjoy the visual interpretation of any book.

  7. Scribd

    Scribd provides books for reading along with documents, presentations, brochures etc. The site makes it possible to read free book online and the reading is conducted through two options, one is via monthly subscription and the other is free only after you upload your own content which is not already available on the site. Earlier the ads on the website had created a huge chaos which has degraded the popularity of the website. But there is some improvement in the site that makes it easy to use and user friendly.

  8. Wattpad

    Wattpad is a Canada based site which offers a huge collection of the books for reading. The website provides this collection in about 20 languages. Once the user has selected his language he’ll get automatic suggestions. Moreover, if the user selects any one book then the other recommendations would pop up from the readers who already read that book. The site also provides discover option to search for the desired book of the user.

  9. Bookish

    Bookish provides a good interface for the people who are reading freaks. User has to sign up for the website before searching for any book that takes a very little time. The website does not have a huge collection of eBook to read free books online. The readers can also upload their own EPUB file of any book for other users. This way the collection of the site keeps increasing along with its user base.

  10. 24 Symbols

    24 Symbols is another great website to read free books online. Another small scale books collection which helps the user to use the site for browsing the books alphabetically, by author, category or language. The browsing and searching for the book makes the use of the website easy and thus, the smaller scale attracts many readers to use the site for reading.

Thus, the above stated list of the websites makes the reading crowd more enthusiastic about reading the books online if they are not able to afford or gets their hands on latest books.

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