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Top 10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners

People are always downloading files from internet, whether it is a software, e-books, documents or music files. These files may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer. Its always good to have best antivirus app in your android device or PC. But if you don’t have an antivirus app in your system then you can always go for free online virus scanners. You don’t need to install any app or software specifically for scanning purpose. You can just scan the files from using virus scanners on your web browser.

All the scanning work is done on the server side so it will not affect your system’s speed and performance. Its scanning process is different from a regular antivirus. These online virus scanners are very effective and easy to use. Virus definition database of these scanners is always up to date so there is no chance of any malware to escape during scan. Though these free online virus scanners are very effective but you can’t compare them with installed antivirus software as they do not provide real time protection.

There are many online virus scanners available on the internet but all of them may not be very effective. So we have listed Top 10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners In [year] that are very effective & best online virus scan services and can keep you safe from malware attacks and viruses.

Free Online Virus Scanners

Top 10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners

  1. BitDefender Quick Scan

    You may already be knowing about BitDefender as it is one of the leading name in the field of internet security. BitDefender offers software for windows as well as one of the best online virus scanner. It just takes around 1 minute to scan your computer drives and files. Its scanner is very fast in detecting malware and viruses. It will not affect your computer speed as the scanning process is carried out on the Bitdefender remote servers. Bitdefender virus definitions are always up to date so it will surely detect malware and viruses.

  2. Virus Total

    Virus Total is one of the best free online virus scanner. If you want to scan a specific file then you can upload to virus total. Virus Total is more than just a file scanner. It can even scan URLs and websites for malicious links. Files of size up to 128 MB can be uploaded for scan. Virus Total offers extensions for browsers like IE, Chrome and Firefox. Its app is also available for android devices. Along with scanning files and webpages, email attachments can also be scanned using virus total.

  3. Panda Active Scan

    Panda Active scan is provided by Panda Security that can detect all kinds of malware, viruses and threats. When you want to quickly scan some running processes then you can choose its Quick Scan option. If you computer is in critical condition and you want to dig deeper then you can choose Full Scan option. If you are using Mozilla Firefox then it will ask you to install a Firefox add-on.

  4. Trend Micro Housecall

    Trend Micro Housecall online virus scanner is provided by Japanese security company Trend Micro. If your PC is infected with some malware or viruses then you can choose Trend Micro Housecall for scanning your computer files. All kinds of malware, trojans and viruses can be detected by Housecall. It is also available to download for windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. Its software for windows is just around 2 MB in size which is very lightweight.

  5. Metadefender

    Metadefender was previously known as Metascan Online. You can upload files of size up to 140 MB including images, documents, ZIP or EXE files. Along with scanning uploaded files, website URLs and IP Address can also be scanned using Metadefender. Files uploaded to Metadefender are scanned against more than 40 various antivirus engines including McAfee, Kaspersky and Microsoft. Scan results are shown as safe files with green mark and malicious files with red mark.

  6. Dr. Web

    Dr. Web has been front runner in online security for quite a time. It provides best free online scanning services to users all over the world. Along with online scanning you can scan URLs also to check if they are safe to visit. Dr. Web also offers security for Android, Windows and Linux systems. It is very simple and effective free online scanner available on internet.

  7. ESET Free Online Scanner

    ESET is a leading IT security company that provides a free online scanning option in the form of ESET Free Online Scanner. It also provides antivirus services for various platforms including Android, Windows, MAC and Linux OS. One small tool needs to be installed before running the scan. All types of viruses can be detected and fixed by ESET Free Online Scanner. It is compatible with all the web browsers including Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

  8. BullGuard Virus Scan

    You need to install its browser extension to start scanning files. Bull guard is compatible with browsers IE and Mozilla Firefox. It take very little time to start scanning once you have installed the browser extension. This Virus Scanner can scan system folders, files from program installation directories, running processes, network connections and auto run files. Once the scan is complete it shows you scan results report.

  9. F-Secure Online Scanner

    Online Scanner from F-Secure is another option to scan your computer online for free. You need to install its client software in your system before staring scanning. Its client software is very lightweight and small in size. It is very effective in detecting malware and protects your system against virus threats. This Scanner provides one of the best online virus scan service on the internet so it is worth trying.

  10. Avira

    Avira is very popular antivirus all around the world and the same antivirus engine is used in its online scanner. You can submit files for scan and URLs. You need to fill up a form with your contact details like your email id. Scan results are sent on your email id or whatever contact details you have provided. You can upload 5 files of size up to 50 MB.

Keeping your system safe from malware and viruses is very important as you can lose your sensitive details including login details, bank details and personal data. You can use these Top 10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners to protect your system.

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