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Top 10 Best Health & Fitness Apps For Android

Health is a very crucial aspect of our lives. There is an old saying that Health is Wealth that stands true for all human beings. We all tend to spend more money on health issues. This can be easily overcome by working on our fitness regularly that plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We can easily do this using health and fitness apps that can help you stay motivated all day long and helping you work on your overcome your health issue. That’s why we have created a list of top 10 health and fitness apps for android. Here are the 21st century innovative apps for health and fitness.

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Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps For Android

  1. QuitNow! PRO – Stop smoking

    QuitNowWe are in a grid surrounded by one million smokers, and more than 2 million common people affected by it. Smoking is something that emits more than it consumes! This is one of those major causes of health problems in our body, letting us infected by diseases like cancer. People who have tried to quit but always got back to the habit again this QuitNow-pro app is all yours. Smokers are in tremendous need of someone motivating them every time they smoke. This app lets you know how much money you have saved, and applauds your effort , by making you witness real time statistics data on the percentages of CO and O2. This app’s got talent and that is why it’s on the top in our list of best fitness apps.

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  2. iMuscle 2

    iMuscleAre you a sport’s person? Here is your cup of tea! This one seems to be the world’s most ingenious mobile workout app. It educates you about the use of every muscle in your body from toe to head. This app pictures a 3-D visual of our human body at once when you open the app. You need not necessarily know about the name of muscle, all you need to do is to zoom into any area on the 3-D image. Then you tap on any muscle, to witness exercises and stretches targeted for that area. This will also help you know about the immediate first aid that you need to do, when you experience a strain.

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  3. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

    Sleep CycleWe might not know, but sleep and wake cycles play a vital in our everyday health routine. Sleeping overtime is the first symptom you show when you have a problem with your body’s health condition. Everything you do during your sleep really matters, the time you sleep, the time you wake up, the posture you sleep etc. This app tells you how many frequent positions you change during your sleep and also tells you the time when you sleep the most and least. The app’s home screen also brings to your notice about the time you actually need to sleep and wakes you up at the right time. All you need to do is to place the mobile in your bed, as simple as that!

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  4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

    30 Day Fitness ChallengeThis app is quite flexible to use and not time consuming. It just takes seven minutes of your time every day. It also encourages you with motivations like making you unlock higher intensity workouts. This whole app is designed in such a way that you keep progressing upwards towards your fitness goals. It aims in weight loss by coaching you through videos and tracks your improvement by integrating with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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  5. Sworkit Pro

    Sworkit FitnessFor the ones who are not into sports and immense body practice, here is the app to maintain you fitness. Some of you might wish to work on selective parts of the body, here is this feature that targets the specific parts of your body. Your work exercises on health fitness are planned according the time you choose; the app offers you a time table to workout. This application is coded to reduce the cost spent on gym and on other hand effectively molds you to fitness world.

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  6. Endomodo sports tracker pro

    EndomondoEndomodo makes you see the most out of your runs, walks, and rides! This application can be used to track on 40 other sport activities using your GPS. It presents you a workout summary containing duration, speed, distance, calories and more. The application then completely analyses your performance and also determines your heartbeat with Bluetooth heart rate monitors. It also opens up gates to connect your fitness rates with other applications like Google fit and My Fitness Pal.

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  7. Google Fit

    Google FitThe probability of meeting with an accident has increased nowadays pushing us to the subject of first aid. It is more important to be educated with the basic first aid you do to a person in case of emergency. So this app is going to save you in helpless situations. You just have to type something related to the injured body part which will make you witness the first aid to be done for it. In advanced features of this application there are provisions which automatically contact to the nearby hospitals by tracking your location using GPS. Have this app in the first position of your home screen to tap immediately for use.

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  8. Zombies, run!

    Zombies RunThe name of the app sounds fascinating as it is. There is just one concept that runs the whole app “the faster you run the safer you are”. Keeping in mind the physiology of human fear, the app is designed to make you run longer. Jogging and running are the twin exercise that help you maintain fitness and stamina at proper levels. Researchers say the more you run the longer you live. Running generally increases your heartbeat and makes your blood oxygenated at a faster rate. As always we need something motivating us to run every day. Here is this app that takes you to the zombie world making you run out of fear to stay away from the zombies.

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  9. Noom Weight Loss Coach

    Noom HealthNoom Coach is another great app in our fitness apps list. A balanced diet is always required to keep you away from deficiencies and disease causing pathogens. This app grants you a diet chart and monitors the calories you have gained in the form of vitamins, proteins and minerals. This app also helps you in finding restaurants where you get nutritious food on a daily basis. The app also warns food materials you should stay away from.

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  10. Runtastic

    Runtastic StepsRuntastic Pro is another useful app in our list of best health and fitness apps. This is app is similar to the zombies run! Which monitors your running but in a different exciting scenario. The best part is you need not stop the application button when you stop running it has a whole lot of sensors which turns auto pause. It helps you work on the development of bones and muscles. This app makes you physically fit in a shorter period of time.

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