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Top 10 Best Web Browsers For MAC You Must Try

Nowadays our daily life is incomplete without internet. Internet is being used by people for various purposes. Social media has also become integral part of our lives. People use internet to search for information and also for entertainment purposes like free music streaming online. Web browsers play an important part in our internet journey as you can use these web browsers for any of the above mentioned purposes. If you are an android user then you can checkout best android web browsers. Though there are many web browsers available but you need to choose the ones that are fast, reliable and safe to use. That’s why you need to use best web browsers for your device. Today we are going to share Best Web Browsers For MAC Users. So if you are a MAC user then you must read this post completely to know about best web browsers for mac.

Best Web Browsers For MAC

List of Top 10 Best Web Browsers For MAC

  1. Apple Safari

    Apple Safari is default web browser that comes pre-installed in Apple devices including MAC and iPhone. It is the best and most popular web browser for MAC OS. Safari is one of the fastest and safe web browser available for MAC. Apple Safari is developed particularly for Apple devices unlike other popular browsers so it is bound to give best performance on your MAC device. It provides awesome user experience with its intuitive user interface. Apple Safari works with Apple’s own cloud iCloud. You can also check How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock In iPhone.

  2. Flock Browser

    If you have used Mozilla Firefox and liked it then you must try Flock Browser as it is based on Mozilla Firefox latest version. It is one of the best browser for social media lovers. Users can be active on more than 20 social media sites as well as work on other tasks on Flock browser. Its drop down feature allows you to instantly share things on social networking sites. Also its image upload speed is one of the fastest.

  3. Google Chrome

    This product from tech giant Google doesn’t disappoint when it comes to web browsing. Google Chrome’s popularity as a web browser is unparalleled. Google Chrome provides stunning user experience with its simple and intuitive user interface. It is also one of the fastest and safest web browser for MAC. Another reason of its popularity is useful chrome extensions found in chrome web store. These extensions help you simplify some tasks and boost your browser’s productivity.

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  4. Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is another great web browser for MAC. It has been in the picture for quite some time and has been able to sustain its reputation over the years. Best Search Engines like Google & Bing are already integrated in Firefox. It provides high speed internet browsing with malware protection and inbuilt pop up blockers.Mozilla Firefox is highly customizable and plenty of Best Firefox Addons increase its productivity.

  5. Omni MAC Browser

    Omni MAC browser is one of the best browser for MAC. It offers plenty of awesome features that are not offered by other web browsers. Whenever you visit some website, thumbnails of these websites are created by Omni browser. You can add these shortcuts to visit these websites quickly. Plenty of useful plugins make it a good choice for best web browser for MAC.

  6. Opera Web Browser

    Opera is more popular on mobile devices but its desktop version also doesn’t disappoint. This Web Browser works great for MAC. If your internet collection is slow then Opera’s Turbo Mode helps web pages load pages faster. Opera is a fast speed web browser and very secure to use. Just like Chrome and Firefox opera also has some plugins to boost its productivity.

  7. Maxthon Web Browser

    Developed in China Maxthon Web Browser is another web browser that can fulfill your web browsing preferences and needs. Its simple and intuitive design provides good user experience to its users. It comes with built-in Flash Support, Ad Blocking, Cloud Share and many more features. For multi tasking it provides multi screen browsing.

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  8. Torch Web Browser

    For Google Chrome lovers Torch browser can also be a good choice as it is similar to Google Chrome with some enhancements. All the chrome extensions from Chrome web store are compatible with Torch Web Browser. If you are looking for smooth web browsing experience then it provides better experience than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For torrent lovers it is by far the best browser for MAC as it doesn’t require any torrents client to download movie or anime torrents.

  9. Camino Browser

    Camino Web Browser is based on Mozilla’s Gecko layout engine and exclusively designed for MAC users. Being exclusive for MAC makes it a good choice for best web browser for MAC. It has got features to remove annoying pop up ads and its user interface is very user friendly and simple to use. After 2013 it is no longer getting developed but you can find its latest version on official site.

  10. Stainless MAC Browser

    Stainless is another good web browser specifically designed for MAC OS X. Its fast browsing speed has been the most talked point about this browser. Some of its notable features are virtual bookmarking and multi process browsing. These features have forced us to include Stainless in our List of Top 10 Best Web Browsers For MAC.

This well researched list includes fastest, reliable and secure web browsers for MAC. You can bookmark this list for further use and also share with other MAC users in your friend circle. We will try to include more browsers in this list of best web browsers for mac.

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