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Best Firefox Addons : Top 10 Best Addons For Firefox You Must Try

We spend lots of time browsing on internet. There are many web browsers available for browsing. Some of the most popular web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Chrome is best known for its wide range of chrome extensions. Similarly other browsers also have their extension and addons. Today we are sharing Best Firefox Addons in various categories including entertainment, privacy, security and productivity. These add-ons can make your browser do just anything you want. Some of these addons can help you block annoying ads and some can remember useful passwords for you. There are plenty of addons available for Mozilla Firefox but it is difficult to choose the ones that will be useful for you. So if you are tired of searching for Best Addons For Firefox then stop searching elsewhere. We have selected Top 10 Best Firefox Addons that will help you boost your productivity and make your internet browsing experience awesome.

Firefox Addons

Top 10 Best Firefox Addons (Best Addons For Firefox)

  1. RescueTime

    RescueTime is a great add-on to track your daily activity on computer. It is very useful for the people who think where did they spend their whole day. You can check how you are spending your time daily, weekly or monthly. According to the websites you visit, it makes categories automatically and rates them from Very Distracting to Very Productive. So you can check what websites are wasting your time and which websites you should visit more to boost your productivity. So it is one of the Best Firefox Addons you should be installing.

  2. Greasemonkey

    Greasemonkey is another great add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser. You can customize a webpage’s display or behavior with the help of this add-on. It uses little bit of javascript to customize the webpage’s looks and functioning. If you know javascript then you can write your own scripts for customization. Many such scripts are already written so you can use them to customize your favorite websites.

  3. StartHQ

    You can replace your new tab page with Start HQ and make it better. You new tab page can be transformed into a productivity center where you will find quick links to commonly used sites and other services. Using this you can reach your favorite social media networks, emails and web apps. Your launcher configuration can be stored to cloud and synced across multiple platforms.

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  4. LastPass Pasword Manager

    If you are tired of memorizing passwords of many website including your social media accounts then this Firefox Add-on can be very useful for you. It is very popular password manager used by more than 10 million people worldwide. You need to remember only one password and rest will be taken care by Lastpass Password Manager. It is supported across the platforms and password across the devices can be synced. You just need to create one master password and you can login to all your favorite websites with one click across your devices.

  5. Scrapbook

    If you want to save web pages then Scrapbook is a great Firefox Add-on for you. It is very lightweight, fast and accurate add-on and supports multiple languages. Some of the notable features are saving web page, saving snippet of a web page, saving full websites and Text/HTML editing feature.

  6. No Squint Plus

    On some web pages it is very difficult to read texts due to their small font size and sometimes background color. If you have faced this irritation at some point of time then No Squint Plus can be very helpful for you. The developers of No Squint Plus add-on has coded it in a way that it can control font sizes, text color and background colors of the web pages. You can control the fonts and text or background colors in the way that suits you.

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  7. Honey

    Online shopping lovers will find this Firefox Add-on very helpful and useful. Tracking down coupon codes can be very tedious task for online shoppers. If you have installed Honey add-on in your Firefox browser then you do’t have to worry about any discount or coupon codes. Whenever you shopping for something online, on checkout you just have to hit Find Saving button and Honey will try to apply coupon codes relevant to the item. Honey works on over 100 online stores in UK, USA and Canada.

  8. Ghostery

    If you need a secure, fast and clean internet browsing experience then Ghostery is the go to add-on for you. You can control the trackers tracking your personal data and make decisions about what data you want to share with the website you are visiting. By limiting number of trackers you can also make your web browsing faster. Ghostery has one of the biggest database of trackers having more than 2000 trackers in their database.

  9. Evernote Web Clipper

    Whenever you are surfing the internet you may find some things that are worth saving for viewing later. Evernote Web Clipper can be very handy in this case. You can save some interesting articles and web pages in Evernote for reading later. You can make bookmarks, save PDF files, clip the specific text from articles and save these to your Evernote account. They also have a search bar using which you can make search through the saved content.

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  10. Click & Clean

    You can easily and quickly clear browsing history, cookies and browser data of Mozilla Firefox. Also you can delete temporary files and remove private data at exit. If you are having low storage space issue in your hard drive then using Click & Clean you can free up space by cleaning up computer’s hard drives.

If you are Firefox user then these Top 10 Best Firefox Addons can be very helpful for your overall browsing experience. Install these Best Addons For Firefox in your Mozilla Firefox browser and browse the internet more productively and efficiently.

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